Report Prompts – HRP999

When running the FLSA Exemption Status Change report, users will be presented with prompts to identify parameters and sets of data to be included in the report results. The report can be filtered by the organization code, Department/Sub-Org(s), specified date range, by payroll area, denoting an “as of date” for the detail list.


Prompt #1: Select Organization (MAU) codes to display in the report. Options presented in this selection box will depend on the user's access. In the example shown below, the user would be shown all data related to the MAU level for the organization code. If no Organization or Department selections are indicated, the report will display data for all units the user has access to.


Prompt #2: If desired, select Organization (MAU) code(s) to expand and view Department/Sub-Orgs reporting to the Organization.


Prompt #3: The user can highlight an organization code in box #1, and select “Reprompt” to see available departments and sub-orgs in which the user has access to.


Select to view either Organization (MAU) codes or Department/Sub-Org codes to be displayed for selection in the next prompt. Users that have access to both MAU level and department level data can choose which level of organization code prompts to view and select from in the next prompt.

Prompt #4: Select the date range for updated records to be included in the report. This prompt is required.


Note: Any exemption changes made to an employee record will be updated 2 days after the action date.

Prompt #5: Select Payroll Area(s) to display in the report. Options presented in this selection box will display details for employees who are paid bi-weekly or monthly. You may also choose “Select All” for a detail list of employees who are paid both bi-weekly and monthly.


Prompt #6: Select the “As of Date” to obtain a detail list for review and analysis. This prompt is required.