SUmmary page - HRP1169

The Remote Work Agreements for Unit Admins report provides users with a summary of active and inactive employees and their current assignment information, administrative and work location addresses, and their remote work agreement addresses within the date range selected for a particular organization, department, enterprise structure or remote work agreement type selected in the report prompts.

NOTE:  The user running the report must be a Supervisor with direct reports assigned in the HR/Payroll system.   If the user is not a supervisor with direct reports, report will return “No Direct Reports”.

By default, the report is sorted by Organization.  The Sort drop down menu at the top of the page offers the following additional sorting options:

  • Employee Name
  • RWA End Date
  • Remote Work Type
  • Remote Work City
  • Remote Work State
  • Remote Work Country
  • Personnel Subarea
  • Employee Group
  • Employee Subgroup

Below is an example of the Remote Work Agreements for Supervisors report and the data columns provided.  Select Data Definitions under Quicklinks for a list of the data column definitions.

image of HRP1169 report

image of HRP1169 report

image of HRP1169 report


Report columns:

image of HRP1169 report columns