SUmmary page - HRP1115

The Faculty Eligible for Designation B Report allows you to see those eligible to apply for Designation B status in your unit based on their UNTF teaching percent and the number of semesters associated with that percent. This information can be used to ensure you know who might be eligible to apply for Designation B submissions in the spring and fall semesters and prepare accordingly.

Note: The report data will not show who has already been granted Designation B status, just those that may be eligible.

The report provides the following data columns showing employees who are eligible to apply for Designation B status:

  • Personnel Number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Organization Code- Name
  • Department Code - Name
  • Sub Org Code - Name
  • Job Title
  • UNTF Percent
  • Eligible Department
  • Number of Semesters