Probationary Tenure System Appointments Report - HRP1105

Business Purpose

The Probationary Tenure System Appointments - HRP1105 report lists all tenure system probationary appointments for the organization and department(s) selected and provides a 'normal outcome' for the next cycle.     

  • Assigned one of the Tenure system probationary appointments TENE (With Tenure Emeritus), TENR (With Tenure) or TPRO (Tenure Sys Prob)
  • Assigned assignment categories FFT (Faculty Tenure System), FXE (Executive Management), or FMM (Academic Management)
  • Are not assigned one of the following job titles; Assistant Ombudsperson-Continuing,  Faculty Griev Off-Continuing System, Ombudsperson-Continuing System or Secretary for Acad Gov-Continuing.
  • Do not have an uncompleted task 18 (Probation Expiration) or 36 (Probation Ex COVID19) within the organization(s) selected as of the run date of the report.