SUmmary page - HRP1105

The Probationary Tenure System Appointments report provides users with a summary of all tenure system probationary appointments for a particular college and/or department selected in the report prompts.

Criteria for report requirements: 
  • Assigned one of the Tenure system probationary appointments TENE (With Tenure Emeritus), TENR (With Tenure) or TPRO (Tenure Sys Prob)
  • Assigned assignment categories FFT (Faculty Tenure System), FXE (Executive Management), or FMM (Academic Management)
  • Are not assigned one of the following job titles; Assistant Ombudsperson-Continuing,  Faculty Griev Off-Continuing System, Ombudsperson-Continuing System or Secretary for Acad Gov-Continuing.
  • Do not have an uncompleted task 18 (Probation Expiration) or 36 (Probation Ex COVID19) within the organization(s) selected as of the run date of the report
Below is an example of the Probationary Tenure System Appointment report and the data columns provided.  Select Data Definitions under Quicklinks for a list of the data column definitions.

HRP1105 report

Report columns:

HRP1105 report columns