SUmmary page - HRP1002

The University Staff Counts report provides a summary and count of active and inactive employees across the university grouped by employee type based on Personnel Subarea, Employee Group, Employee Subgroup, Assignment Type, and Contract Code as of the date selected. 

Four reports are generated: 

  • Currently Active Employees  
  • Employee Working Overseas
  • Visiting Faculty and Academic Staff
  • Currently Inactive (Leave without Pay) Employees


Below are examples of the University Staff Counts reports.  Select Data Definitions under Quicklinks for a list of the data column definitions.

Currently Active Employees (and Currently Inactive (Leave without Pay) Employees) :

image of HRP1002 Active Count report


Employee Working Overseas                                                          Visiting Faculty and Academic Staff 

image of HRP1002 Overseas Count report            image of HRP1002 Visiting Count report