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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Community Blue

Community Blue is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and allows you to choose whether you receive health care services from a Community Blue PPO physician (in-network) or to choose any physician (out-of-network). There is a nationwide network of participating PPO physicians and hospitals that allow you to choose any physician in the network without requiring a referral from a primary care physician.

For questions about specific coverage details or to access a listing of PPO participating providers, go to or contact your MSU Dedicated Customer Service Unit at 877-354-2583.

Faculty, academic staff and executive management have to meet an in-network calendar year deductible of $100 individually and $200 per family.  The out-of-network deductible and co-insurance responsibility appears below. 

Support staff does not have an in-network deductible requirement. The out-of-network deductible and co-insurance responsibility appears below.

For out-of-network services (for faculty, academic staff, executive management and support staff), there is a calendar year deductible of $250 individually and $500 per family with higher out-of-pocket costs, usually a 20 percent co-pay.

Access coverage and eligibility information via the EBS Portal.

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