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Bluecard Out-of-State

New for the 2024 benefits plan year: MSU benefits-eligible employees that live outside the state of Michigan but within the U.S. are eligible to enroll in the BlueCard Out-of-State health care plan.

BlueCard Out-of-State is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which gives you the flexibility to manage your own care. Coverage for this plan is similar to the BCN plan but allows individuals that live outside the state of Michigan to enroll. Deductibles, co-insurance, and prior authorization requirements apply in some circumstances.

The in-network deductible is $100 per individual and $200 per family. After meeting the deductible, a 20% co-insurance may apply, up to a maximum of $3,000/single or $6,000/family, per calendar year.

Highlights of the BlueCard Plan:

  • Premium is higher than BCN but lower than Community Blue and intended to be a more affordable option for those living outside the state of Michigan.
  • Plan is similar to BCN but allows for primary care services to be received outside the state of Michigan.
  • Does not require you to choose a primary care physician.

Questions? For questions about specific coverage details or to find a provider visit Blue Cross Blue Shield website or call 888-288-1726.