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Update on MSU Temporary and On-Call Employee Hiring Process Project

During this unprecedented time, the University has had to face many challenges it has never before experienced. While we anticipate there will be more challenges in the coming weeks and months, the University continues to move forward. MSU's commitment to being a diverse and inclusive campus community, in every regard, remains intact. During this health care crisis, we have seen how critical these commitments are, now more than ever.

In January, we announced the coming changes to our Temporary and On-Call (TOC) hiring process. The new process is intended to better align MSU hiring processes with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) guidance for inclusive, non-discriminatory hiring practices. We will continue to move forward with launching this new process beginning in November 2020. Expected benefits of the new posting process include increasing the diversity of applicant pools, giving units tools for more effective recruiting and providing new reporting tools to help units monitor and manage TOC positions.

We have continued to work diligently to develop this new TOC hiring process with the assistance of an HR Exchange group that includes a diverse representation of MSU units. We are still on track to launch this new hiring process by the end of November, though due to the COVID-19 health care crisis, we are shifting training efforts to provide mainly online training rather than in-person sessions. Though we may still offer some in-person sessions, we will wait until the fall to decide.

Elements of the TOC hiring process that will not change. Existing hiring rules related to concurrent employment, criminal background checks and I-9s will remain in place. We have worked hard with advice from our HR Exchange group to make the new required process as streamlined as possible. We have focused on developing an OFCCP-compliant process with shorter posting time frames, standardized position descriptions and streamlined review processes. The new process will help ensure all populations have equal opportunities to learn about, apply and be considered for TOC positions at MSU. A few highlights of the new process include:

  • The ability to use both individual and pool postings to recruit one or more people to positions at one time, with one posting.
  • More flexible posting timeframes. Postings can be closed after only 24 hours or left open for up to one year.
  • Standardized position descriptions that units will select from for their postings with an ability to add additional information such as work locations and expected working hours.
  • Ability to make TOC postings live immediately on the MSU Careers external site without waiting for MSU HR review.
  • Automation that pre-populates the EBS hiring form once a final candidate has been selected from the posting.
  • The ability for units to initiate criminal background checks as they currently do for faculty hire processes to speed up how long it takes for CBC results to come back.

We ask you to begin to prepare your units now for this new required process in the following ways:

  • Discuss with faculty and staff that starting in November, those who hire TOC employees will no longer be able to select a temporary or on-call employee without first posting that position on the MSU Careers site for at least 24 hours and that they must follow an OFCCP-compliant hiring process.
  • Discuss with individuals in your unit who currently process TOC hire forms in EBS that the processes they follow now will change significantly in November and that training and support will be available from MSU HR. Hiring a TOC employee under the new hiring process will require using the PageUp Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in addition to the EBS systems they currently use.
  • Identify which individuals in your unit will need access to the PageUp ATS and a new TOC hiring form initiator role in EBS. This will be a new process and will require new access requests. Consider selecting multiple individuals in your unit to perform this new role to avoid hiring delays due to vacations, leaves or turnover.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the TOC project lead, Cheleane Clerkley, at 517-884-0131 or . You can get the latest updates on this project here.