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Accessing the Electronic I-9 System

Enter the code 16628, this is Michigan State University's campus-wide code.

Caution should be taken not to do this on a public computer or public (open) wireless connection due to the sensitive nature of the data. The employee can be instructed to go to any campus computer lab, use an extra computer in the department, or any computer with internet access to complete Section 1.

The employee can request accommodation for completion which may include assistance with reading or filling out the form. If the employee requires assistance completing Section 1 of the I-9 form, the department can complete Section 1 for the new employee as long as the Preparer/Translator section is completed. Contact MSU HR at  or 517-353-4434 for assistance.

 No, it is only broken down by MAU and unit/department levels.
Not necessarily, MAU is at the college level where as location code is at the department level. The location code is the building or specific department the employee will work in, it is the same as the primary organizational unit code and the common unit code (CUC).
The systems are currently not connected, the I-9 updates are completed manually. Human Resources is hoping to make this an automatic process so SAP/EBS checks the electronic I-9 system to verify if the employee has a current I-9 on file. This is a future enhancement and Human Resources will let department administrators know when this occurs.
There is no limit to the number of verifiers or user roles a department can have. Multiple verifiers may have the same user role (e.g. HRSupervisor). Departments should be aware that anyone in the system is representing the department and is responsible for I-9s and the data contained therein. All verifiers must be trained on not only how to use the system, but also for I-9 compliance rules and regulations. The information in this system is considered confidential, be sure that guidelines and requirements of the University's Institutional Data Policy are adhered to at all times.
Persons currently responsible for verification of paper I-9s should be verifiers in the electronic I-9 system as well. If the department does not want or does not need an employee to view existing I-9s, then the District Manager role can be assigned. This role allows employees to complete Section 2 without viewing all existing I-9s. Depending on access, verifiers will be able to see sensitive information, similar to other University systems such as EBS/SAP, so be cognizant of who has access to the system.
Yes, but it is not recommended. Due to volume or staffing levels, some departments may choose to have students verify I-9s, but permanent employees are preferred.
An employee must have an I-9 on file to work. Michigan State University, as an employer, has decided to use the Equifax electronic I-9 system to record I-9s. The agreement between MSU and Equifax includes the requirement to properly protect the information stored by Equifax. Individuals can still complete a paper I-9, but please be aware, if a paper form is filled out it will be uploaded to the electronic I-9 system as the system of record. As one of the three credit bureaus Equifax (the electronic I-9 system vendor) already has access to most user's information. If the individual refuses to complete an I-9 the employee cannot be hired.
 The department or MAU security administrator can make these changes in D6501.
 The department or MAU security administrator can make these changes in D6501.