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Training & security access to electronic I-9 system

User security access for the electronic I-9 system is managed by departmental IT Services Access Approvers using the D6501 Security System to add or remove access. The information in the electronic I-9 system is highly confidential and should only be granted to those I-9 verifiers directly responsible for completing the Form I-9. If you have questions about granting this access, please contact IT Services – Access Management.

Access will be effective the day after the departmental IT Services Security Contact adds the user to the HR I-9 security role in D6501.

There are several prerequisites for gaining access to the electronic I-9 system. It is the responsibility of the IT Services Security contacts to make sure all users meet the requirements below:

  1. Has the user completed the I-9 compliance video and training and provided a certificate of completion?

  2. Has the I-9 verifier read the Michigan State University Institutional Data Policy and printed and signed the Institutional Data Policy Acknowledgement Form (PDF)?

  3. Has the security administrator received signed verification that both of the above conditions have been met? 

    The employee's supervisor can complete an electronic generic e-ARM form. Because there is no specific e-ARM for the I-9 system, the generic e-ARM must be used to request this access. Please make sure to type all the required information in the description field of the e-ARM such as; what system you are requesting access to (Equifax I-9 System); which access role the employee needs; to which locations (org units). The I-9 Compliance certificate and signed Institutional Data Policy Acknowledgement Form must be provided to the security administrator. The security administrator must keep these signed documents on file for all I-9 verifiers. Units are responsible for completing the Form I-9 in accordance with federal law(s). Failure to comply with proper procedures may result in penalties and/or fines.

    The IT Services Security Contact may complete the paper ARM (or print the completed generic e-ARM access request) and keep that document and the signed prerequisite documents on file for any user for whom they grant access.

Procedures and documents

Note: The paper ARM form should only be submitted to MSU IT if no other option is available to the department (and if used, it is the department's responsibility to document that prerequisites have been met).