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Cancellation of Graduate Assistant Appointments

In the interest of meeting our payroll deadlines and minimizing the amount of overpayments to Graduate Assistants whose assistantship is cancelled (meaning the GA is not working AT ALL in the assistantship), we would like to provide additional information about how to cancel these appointments.  

If you become aware of the need to cancel a graduate assistantship for any reason, meaning the GA is not working in a GA capacity AT ALL, first check to see whether the appointment has been approved by MSU HR.

If the appointment has not been approved yet, you may simply withdraw the form. This will prevent the appointment from being approved and placed on the system.

If the appointment has already been approved, you will need to submit a termination form, using the reason "GA/UA/PA Cancellation". Please note, however, that due to system limitations, you will not be able to initiate this form until the appointment is active (the start date of the appointment). Because of the limited amount of time we have to process actions between the start of the semester and the first payroll processing date, it is imperative that this termination form be initiated and approved through workflow immediately upon this date.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at