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change of position - contract

Faculty and Academic Staff Change of Position - Appointment Contract Changes

In alignment with hiring procedures set forth in the Academic Hiring Manual, to transition a paid fixed term position to a continuing or tenure system position, the unit must either post the position or submit an Academic Position Request (APR) form to seek an exception to the posting process. The following guidance pertains to when a unit decides to seek an exception to the posting process. 

Note: If a unit has received a preliminary approval from the Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs (FAS Affairs) to change a position, the unit would still need to submit an APR form to obtain a new position number.  If the unit selects to submit an Academic Position Request form, the ”Internally Filled” reason is recommended when the duties are not changing, and the appointment is switching to continuing or tenure system. 


Completing the Academic Position Request (APR) Form

When completing the APR form, you must attach the rationale for the request.  Within the rationale, please include any exception requests that the unit would like considered, such as a request to waive a probationary period for an academic specialist.  Additionally, any exception request must also include justifications for why the request should be approved.  In using the example of a request to waive a probationary period, the request must include the justification for this request (refer to the Academic Specialist Handbook for criteria) and if the request is for an academic specialist, be sure to attach the completed Specialist Position Description (SPD) form.


Submit Change Position Form

After the APR form has been approved in workflow, the unit will need to submit the Change Position form to transition the person into the new tenure or continuing position.  The unit must use the position number from the APR form to initiate and submit the Change of Position form. When submitting the Change Position form, be sure to attach the rationale and any exception request that was submitted with the APR form.  If the position is for an academic specialist, attach the completed SPD form and the Unit Evaluation Criteria (this is a summary of duties that the specialist will be evaluated on).  The unit will also need a Letter of Offer and Acceptance, and any other required attachments pertinent to a tenure or continuing appointment. 

 A Criminal Background Check (CBC) and the degree verification is required if it has never been completed for the individual or if the degree requirement is higher than what was previously verified.

If the request is to switch a fixed term individual to a higher rank such as an Associate or full Professor with tenure, and the unit has not received prior approval, please consult with FAS Affairs before submitting the APR.  (FAS Affairs email: 

For assistance with any questions or concerns please reach out to the Academic Operations team