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Review Process for Appointments Granting Tenure

Hiring recommendations which involve the award of tenure are reviewed successively by the dean, the provost, and the president, who makes the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for action.  In order for a tenure hire action to be included on a Board of Trustees meeting agenda for final review and approval, MSU Human Resources must receive the hire action (complete with all required attachments and approvals as specified below) in the HR Inbox by specific dates prior to the applicable BOT meeting.

Completed Action Due in HR Inbox  BOT Meeting Date Effective Date of Appointment
1/22/2021 2/12/2021 On or after 2/12/2021
3/26/2021 4/16/2021 On or after 4/16/2021
5/17/2021 6/18/2021 On or after 6/18/2021
8/09/2021 9/10/2021 On or after 9/10/2021
10/08/2021 10/29/2021 On or after 10/29/2021
11/15/2021 12/17/2021 On or after 12/17/2021


Start Date Reminders

  • Faculty hired with tenure on AY appointments may have start dates between 08/16 – 05/15, after approval by the BOT.
  • Faculty hired with tenure on AN appointments may start on any date during the year, after approval by the BOT.

The completed action must include the following:

  • Offer Letter and Attachments
    • Additional Note: Prior to making an offer of appointment that conveys tenure, Academic Human Resources must review the request (per policy). This review is similar to the official tenure review that occurs every spring as part of the university promotion and tenure process. Please note that these requests are reviewed immediately, but sometimes can take up to two weeks. Once this review occurs, a pre-approval of tenure memo will be generated for signature by the Provost and President (initiated by HR). Requests for offers with tenure are emailed to the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Human Resources and must include:
      1. The candidate’s CV
      2. A letter from the dean and/or chair (with endorsement from the dean) explaining why the candidate should be appointed with tenure (this is similar to the letter that is often included as a part of Form D in promotion packets)
      3. Confirmation that the unit and college RPT committee have been consulted (typically, support for the appointment is indicated)
      4. Letters of reference (at least four), which serve as a proxy for external review letters
  • Adjudicated Background Check
  • Completed I-9 or Information regarding completion thereof
  • Pre-approval Memo (signed by the Provost and President)
  • Multiple Appointment Memorandum (if applicable)
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure (if applicable)

Questions regarding processing of appointment may be directed to the HR Solutions Center.

Questions regarding policies associated with tenure may be addressed to Academic Human Resources.