Executive Management Principles - Appendix II

Hiring Procedures and Guidelines for Executive Management Positions

  1. The Academic Hiring Procedures are applicable for all executive management (Appendix I) positions.

  2. The Academic Hiring Procedures do not apply to the appointment of a person in an "acting" or "interim" capacity or to changes in title or responsibility that result from reorganization or reclassification.

  3. Executive managers are "at-will" employees and serve at the pleasure of their immediate supervisor; there is no tenure or job security in executive management positions.

  4. For executive managers who also have faculty status, the academic appointment and related personnel actions are treated as separate employment issues and are processed by the Office of the Provost.

  5. The procedure for selecting the President and the conditions of employment for the President are established by action of the Board of Trustees.

  6. The selection of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation and Vice President and Associate Provost for Student Affairs and Services is covered by the Procedure for Faculty and Student Participation in the Selection of Specified University Level Administrators.

  7. Search procedures and criteria for selection are approved by the administrator responsible for the personnel recommendation.

  8. Positions will be posted unless an exception is granted by the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives and the Office of the Provost. In all cases, the administrator responsible for the personnel recommendation must be able to document that good faith efforts were made to recruit and give consideration to a diverse set of candidates.

  9. The administrator responsible for the personnel recommendation must be able to demonstrate that criteria used to evaluate the candidates did not discriminate against or inappropriately screen out candidates in violation of the University's Anti-Discrimination Policy.

The administrator's report to the President, applicable vice president, or designee will include a list of the candidates considered, a summary of the credentials of the final candidates, documentation of good faith efforts to include diverse candidates in all phases of the selection process, and the rationale for the recommended personnel action. The report will include the assessment from individuals and/or groups who interviewed the final candidate.