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Academic specialist Recommendation form (Form ON Progress and Excellence)

The Academic Specialist Recommendation for Reappointment, Promotion or Award of Continuing Appointment Status form is used to document the results of the review of specialists in the continuing appointment system. Reference the "Academic Specialist Handbook" for information on the specialist continuing appointment system.

Name: Record name as it appears on legal identification card, except type last name first with a comma after and then the rest of the name.

Date: Typing date.

Department/College: The primary department/college has administrative responsibility for employee. If there is more than one department, list each department/college with the primary unit first. Type out the full department name or the 18 character common code abbreviation .

Recommendation by Department Chairperson/School Director:

For promotion of a specialist who is in their first probationary period, use "Reappoint as Academic Specialist for probationary period of three years "Promote to Senior Academic Specialist and award continuing appointment status". For promotion of a specialist who is in their second probationary period, use "Reappoint as Academic Specialist and award continuing appointment status".

For promotion of a specialist who already has continuing appointment status use "Promote to Senior Academic Specialist".

Only use the option "Do not reappoint" when there is a decision not reappoint specialist in the continuing system. during either one of the probationary periods.

Signatures: Signatures must be the chairperson/director's and dean/MAU administrator's name. In the case of a multiple appointment the signatures for each unit involved are required. Each signer must date her/his signature.

Routing: All departments and colleges involved; Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs; Provost; Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs.

Checklist for Academic Specialists Reappointment or Promotion Dossier (MS Word)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I fill out the form on the Web or just download a copy of the form and fill out the paper copy?

If you fill out the form on the Web, you will do so one page at a time. Form data is only retained until the browser session is closed. Thus, if you complete a page and print it out and then sign off your network or turn off your computer, you will have only the printed copy and not an electronic version of your entries.

It is advisable to test how the fill-in form works for you, by typing some minimal data such as your name on a page, and testing the retention of the data and how the page prints, before deciding whether or not to use the web-based form.

For longer text responses you may want to compose and save them in a word processing application like Word and then cut and paste them into the web form.

How do I move about in the form?

To type on a line, click on it. If you don't see the cursor insert symbol (I) appear, you may be clicking too close to the beginning of the line. Try clicking the center of the line. Use the tab key to move from one line to another or alternatively, click on the next line. You can use Shift+Tab to move backwards.

To type in text areas just click in the area. If there are multiple lines available for the response the words will automatically wrap to the next line when you get close to the right-hand side of the screen. Do not use the Tab key in a text area, rather use the space key if you want to have something indented or spaced over.  The tab key will take you entirely out of the text area. If you "loose" the cursor while working in a text area, just click in the area to regain it.

To get from one page of the form to another, use the Back button of your web browser.

What if my response to an item is longer than the space provided on the form?

The amount of text you can enter under a response is limited to a fixed area. For areas with multiple lines, the allowable space for entry will cut off somewhere on the last line, short of the end of the line.  When you exceed the allowable number of characters, your response will begin to scroll and top of the response will begin to disappear. If this happens, just backspace to shorten your response and indicate "continued on attached". After you have printed the web page, type the rest of your response on a word processor or typewriter. At the top of the continuation page type the form page number and number of the item you are continuing, and insert the continuation page after the form page when you assemble all pages of the form.

Do I type everything into the web form, or can I attach pages?

If your response is short enough to fit on the form page, you are asked to type it on the form. If your response is longer than the space allowed on the form, insert your page(s) behind the applicable form page. Please indicate at the top of each attached page, the form page number and number of the item (if any) to which you are responding.

If I cut and paste text into the web page, will I be able to edit the text in the web page?

You will be able to edit straight text, but editing text with formatting attached such as a preceding or following tab, italics and/or underlines will probably have undesirable effects. The original formatting will be retained as long as you don't try to edit it after you have pasted it into the web form page.

Why does my cursor disappear when I use the Tab Key?

If you are working in a text area, the tab key will take you entirely out of the text area. If you lose the cursor while working in a text area, just click in the area to regain it.