Employee End Dates

This report is used to identify end-dated employees to ensure that extensions or reappointments are submitted in time to prevent issues with employee benefits being discontinued or employees not receiving pay. The report shows employees whose assignment end date falls within 150 days of current day, if period of Today is selected.


  1. Under Additional Selection Fields button, highlight "Organizational Unit".
  2. Select right arrow button to include selection fields.
  3. Click green check arrow.
  4. Specify Period for which end dates will be included in the report.
  5. Enter Selection criteria to specify the type of employee(s).
  6. Click Submit.

After completion or review of variations click the house to return home, log out if finished or use the search to find another application.


Does this report include information for future hire/rehire of an employee?

No, however the Employee Information Report may be used in determining the latest end date of employees.

Does this report show UNTF (Union for Non-Tenure Track) Faculty?

Yes union designation is provided for all employees within the report.

Does this report include I-9 Expiration dates?