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Work Schedule Change Request


  1. Enter Start Date.
  2. Enter Personnel Number. Current employee information and work schedule rule will display. 
    1. If personnel number is unknown, click on the double squared box to search.
    2. Enter search criteria and choose employee.
  3. Click the Plus Sign (+) under Work Schedule to add one week at a time (can add multiple for a rotating work schedule). 
  4. Enter desired hours for the week in the pop-up:   Work schedule hours entry
  5. Click OK.
  6. If the work schedule exists the Work Schedule Rule field will display the new rule.Updated work schedule rule
  7. Click Send or Save Draft. Upon send, a pop-up will display the Process Reference Number for tracking:Send Reference Number
  8. If the work schedule does not exist, the form will route to EBS for the schedule to be created; then continue through workflow. 
    Create new work schedule


  1. When updating a work schedule rule for an hourly paid employee click on the double squared box to search for options.
  2. Select Go to see all available schedules:

Hourly employee work schedules

3. Choose desired work schedule.
4. Click Send or Save Draft. 

When complete, click Home (house), log out, or search for another application.

Work Schedule Rules