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This document covers the change of status form for a student employee. The change of status form is used for student employees in the following circumstances:

  • Employee’s job title and/or level is being changed
  • Employee’s position is transferring to a different organizational unit

Selecting the Employee and the Effective Date

First you locate and select the employee and enter the effective date.

To select the employee

  1. From Actions, click on HR/Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions > Change an Existing Appointment/Assignment > Student Employee > Start Employee Process.
  2. In the Employee Number box, enter the employee person ID (PERSID) or personnel number (PERNR), or search for the person as described below
  3. Enter the Effective Date in the box provided. As noted on the form, this is the date the change of status becomes effective.
  4. Click the Search Assignment button. A list of assignments appears, along with cost distribution information for the selected assignment.
  5. If necessary, select an assignment by clicking the box to the left of the assignment.

To search for an employee

  1. Click the search button to the right of the Employee Number field.
  2. Enter the employee information you have.
  3. Click the Go button. A list of matches appears.
  4. Click the box to the left of an assignment to select it.

Selecting the Information to be Changed

Once you have selected the assignment, you then need to indicate the changes to be made by checking the appropriate boxes. The checkboxes you select control which parts of the change of status form are editable, and which business rules apply. If you select an item to change, you must change that information on the form.

 To select changes to the employee’s record

  1. Check the boxes for the changes to be made.
  2. Click the Change of Status Form button. The form opens with information prepopulated.

If you choose ‘Transfer Person and Position to a New Org Unit’ the form will route through both departments for approval.

If you choose ‘Change Job Title Within Org Unit’ you will be prompted with follow-up questions:

  • Will you be paying this employee a LUMP Sum? Also known as project pay, this means you pay the student on a lump sum basis rather than hourly. If you answer ‘Yes’ to this question you will have to enter a description of duties and explain why the hours cannot be tracked.
  • Is this an Internship? Indicates whether or not this position is an internship. Internships may be paid or unpaid.
  • Is this internship paid? If you respond No to the first question, indicating you are not paying this employee a lump sum, and Yes to the second question indicating that this is an internship, this third question appears asking whether or not this is a paid internship.

Depending upon your selections you will be prompted to select a job that corresponds to the selections already made.  The minimum and maximum wage will also display based upon your selections.  When selections are completed click on Change of Status Form button.

Saving the Form

You can click the Save Draft button at any time to save a draft of the form to your HR Inbox. Note that the draft is not actually saved until you close the window.

Filling out the Form

You move through the steps in the process using buttons on the screen.   

  • Click the Next button to validate the information on the screen and advance to the next step. If you receive a red system message, the error on the page must be corrected before moving onto the next step. Because options presented are based on information previously entered, you are less likely to encounter errors.
  • Click the Previous button to go back to the previous screen.
  • If you receive a yellow or green system message, click Continue to acknowledge the message and advance to the next step.

Data Changes Table

A Data Changes table appears at the bottom of "Review Organizational Details, Summary Form, and Review Form". It is closed initially. To expand it and view the table, click the arrow to the left of the band.

Once open, the Data Changes table shows any changes that will be made to the employee’s record as a result of submitting the form. A single change on the form may change multiple values. For example, changing a person’s job title may change related values such as Employee Subgroup or Personnel Sub Area.

The table changes as you fill out the form.

Selected Actions

The first screen displays the changes selected earlier. If you indicated that the Organizational ID be changed, that field is editable. Optionally, the Supervisor can be changed on this screen.

Enter Pay and Cost

This screen will allow you to enter the new pay rate, or LUMP sum amount, for the position.

The minimum and maximum pay rate are provided.

To change the cost distribution, check the Change Funding? box.

The screen updates to show an editable New Funding table populated with the current funding. It also shows a display-only Current Funding table so that you and any approvers can see the before and after. 

Additional Information

This screen captures Conflict of Interest for the position.

If the position is an internship you will need to enter the Internship End Date. Once the End Date is entered, the Midpoint Evaluation Date will be calculated by hitting the enter key in the End Date field or by clicking the Next button. 

Attachments and Comments

Based on the information provided, the form identifies any required attachments and lists them at the top with a checkbox next to each item required. Important Links at the bottom of the screen are links to policies and procedures that may apply, and to forms that can be attached and submitted. Review this information as needed.  

To enter comments and attach documents

  1. Upload the required attachments indicated.
  2. Enter any comments in the New Comments field.

To upload an attachment

  1. Select an Attachment Type from the list provided.
  2. Click the Browse button.
  3. Locate and select the file, then click the Open button.
  4. Click the Upload button to upload the attachment to the form.

Repeat this process for each additional attachment.

To delete an attachment

  1. Select the attachment by clicking the check box.
  2. Click the Delete Attachment button.

Summary Form

A summary of all information is displayed for final review.

To review the completed form click the Check button to have the system perform a final check of the information. Correct any remaining errors.

Review Form

You are now ready to send the form for approval. You can generate a PDF of the form at this step by clicking the ‘Generate PDF’ button. Click the Send button to route the completed form for approval. A confirmation message displays a process reference number that can be used to track the form.

Workflow and Inbox

The form will route through the appropriate workflow and appear in each approvers’ HR/Payroll Inbox. The form can be approved in the HR/Payroll Inbox without opening the form. The option to ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ is at the bottom right of the screen.

As the form routes for approvals, approvers are able to view the form via the Summary Screen by clicking ‘Open Task’.

 inbox screenshot