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Support Staff Reclassification


  1. Enter the Effective Date
  2. Enter the Pernr
  3. If applicable, change Organization ID
  4. If applicable, change Requested Job Classification
  5. If applicable, change Personnel SubArea
  6. If applicable, change Employee Group
  7. If applicable, change Employee Subgroup
  8. If applicable, change Supervisor Position
  9. If applicable, change Position %
  10. List the approximate percentage of time devoted to performing each duty during the course of the work year. All duties should total 100%. Please include additional information if necessary in the comments section at the end of the form or by attaching documentation
  11. Enter the account information in the Cost Distribution section of the form
  12. Tip: Click the magnifying glass  to assist with filing out this section
  13. If applicable, select or enter information in the Attributes section
  14. Enter the Incumbent’s Name
  15. Enter the Desired New Salary/Hourly Rate
  16. Select Yes or No to the Probation or trial period question
  17. If applicable, select Yes or No to answer the question whether the employee has completed 256 hours in the position
  18. Check the box if you would like to submit a request to revise an existing classification
  19. Attach your recommendation to revise the existing classification
  20. Click Check and Send to submit the form


This application contains an Adobe Interactive form, and therefore is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer