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Support Staff Reclassification


  1. Enter the Pernr
  2. Enter the Requested Effective Date
  3. Select Search Assignment
  4. Enter New Job ID number, select Continue to Form

On the next screen...

  1. From Organizational Data, enter and/or validate Supervisor Position.
  2. If applicable, select Plus Sign to add New Reporting Relationships.
  3. From Description of Duties, please provide Position Summary.
    Note:  A position description questionnaire attachment is required for reclassifications of AP, APSA, and CT positions.
  4. Select Plus Sign to enter Duties Percentage and Duties Description. List the approximate percentage of time devoted to performing each duty during the course of the work year. All duties should total 100%.
    Note:  Percentages cannot be less than 5% and not more than 45%.
  5. From Pay and Cost Distribution, enter the Hourly Rate/Annual Salary.
  6. From Permissible Funds enter or validate the account information.
  7. Select the Compute Cost Distribution button. 
  8. If applicable, enter percentage or amount per funding line and select Validate Cost Distribution.
  9. Attach general and/or required attachments.  Please exclude special characters in file name attachments.
  10. From Acknowledgement Section, select I verify this form is complete to the best of my knowledge.
  11. Select Send to submit the form.