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Managers have the ability to view and change personnel data for direct reports (subordinates) and substitute’s direct reports.

Time Quota

  1. Select a quota eligible employee from the left pane by clicking on the employee name. Details will display for the selected employee.
  2. Choose Time/Quota icon time quota. Quota balance details will display with individual Absence Entries listed below.absence data
  3. Enter absence time or Approve time for the individual employee from the Maintain icon.maintain


  • At step 2, by default all Absence data will display.   Search for specific items; for example Vacation time only.  vacation
  • At step 2, can also use Sort, Filter or Group By options, available under View Settings icon.View settings

   sort filter group

  • Download the selected Absence data entries to an excel worksheet download if desired.

Additional Information

  • Reference Attendance and Absence Codes Defined for key information on requirements for entering certain types of time.

Salary Data

  1. Select a Direct Report.
  2. Select Salary Data to view information.

Monitoring of Tasks

  1. Select a Direct Report.
  2. Select Monitoring of Tasks to view information.

Emergency Contact

  • Select a Direct Report.
  • Select Emergency Contact to view informaiton.

Contact Information

  1. Select a Direct Report.
  2. Click Maintain in lower right corner.
  3. Choose Maintain Contact information.
  4. Click Add from Contact Information.
  5. Choose Desired Option.
  6. Enter Communication Data.
  7. Click Save and Back.


  1. Select a Direct Report.
  2. Select Qualifications to view information.


  • Step 1, select an indirect report.

Accessibility Tips 

  • Use focus mode to access tables and menus.
  • Use browse mode to read Contact Information and Emergency Contact
  • In NVDA - once an item in a list is selected (e.g. salary data, monitoring of tasks...), tab into the item.
  • To read Org Unit, Employee Sub Group, Job, Payroll Area, Personnel Subarea, and Employee Group, use browse mode in NVDA. If using JAWS, use ++ to access Virtual PC cursor to read employee information.  
  • To read information under Salary Data, Monitoring of Tasks, Emergency Contact, Contact Information and Qualifications, use browse mode in NVDA. If using JAWS, press ++ to access Virtual PC cursor.