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Selecting the Assignment

You begin the termination process by selecting the employee and assignment, entering a last day worked, and responding to other questions regarding the situation surrounding the termination. You can search for an employee based on a number of criteria such as person ID or personnel number, SSN, name, PID, etc. The more unique the criteria, the quicker the search.

Message screenshot

Note: Make sure you are terminating the correct assignment. An employee may have multiple active assignments. If you attempt to terminate an employee from another department, the following message appears. You can still proceed with the termination.

To select an assignment

  1. Click on Unit Administrator > Administrative Services > All Employees: Termination.
  2. In the Employee Number box, enter the employee person ID (PERSID) or personnel number (PERNR), or search for the person as described below.
  3. Enter the Last Day Worked in the box provided. As noted on the form, if cancelling an assignment, the Last Day Worked should be the same as the effective date of the assignment.
  4. Click the Search Assignment button. A list of assignments appears, along with cost distribution information for the selected assignment.
  5. If necessary, select an assignment by clicking the box to the left of the assignment.
  6. If termination is due to death, select the Yes radio button at the bottom of the screen. A box appears for you to enter the date of death.
  7. Respond to any conditional questions.
  8. Click the Termination Form button. The form opens with information about the person and assignment filled in.

To search for an employee

  1. Click the search button to the right of the Employee Number field.
  2. Enter the employee information you have.
  3. Click the Start Search button. A list of matches appears.
  4. Click the box to the left of an assignment to select it.
  5. Click the OK button.

The following conditional questions or fields appear based on the situation.

  • Faculty/academic staff: For Executive Management (ESG-AN), Annual Academic Staff (ESG-AO) and Annual Faculty (ESG-AQ), Last Day Employed is required.
  • Relevant adjunct/clinical faculty/academic staff: An Emeritus check box is available for employees who meet the criteria for obtaining Emeritus status.
  • Employees on paid or unpaid leave: Last Day Employed is required.
  • Clerical-Technical employees: For Union (EG-1) and, Clerical Technical Regular (ESG-AI) employees you are asked if the CT employee wishes to exhaust vacation quotas.
      • If Yes, a field appears for you to enter the Last Day Employed. In this instance, the Last Day Employed represents the last day of the vacation.
      • If No, a check box appears, confirming that the employee has been informed that remaining vacation will be paid in a lump sum.
  • Employees eligible for retirement: You are asked if this employee is moving into another position at MSU.
      • If Yes, no additional action is required. The Termination Reason defaults to Another Job/Profession Change.
      • If No, and the employee is eligible for retirement, an additional question appears,asking if termination is due to disciplinary action.
          • If termination is due to disciplinary action, the Termination Reason defaults to Disciplinary Action and an Explanation of Termination box is available on the termination form.
          • If termination is not due to disciplinary action, an error message indicates that the employee must process the Retirement form.
  • Last Day Worked is same date as the effective date: You are asked if you are cancelling an assignment. If Yes, the Termination Reason defaults to Cancellation and cannot be changed.