Approve Employee Time (for supervisors)


  1. Select all time entries for approval.
  2. Click Approve to approve all selected time entries. 

After completion or review of variations click the house to return home, log out if finished or use the search to find another application.

Download Instructions


  • At step 1, to choose multiple individual rows hold down Ctrl and click the rows.  Choose continuous multiple rows by clicking on the first row then hold Shift and click the last row of the block.
  • At step 2, click Reject to reject selected time entries. Note: reject does not set the hours to zero, it just marks the entry as “needs to be changed.” If you approve hours and then later reject them it will still count those original approved entries until they are “changed” to a zero and approved. 

Additional Information

  • Reference Attendance and Absence Codes Defined for key information on requirements for entering certain types of time.
  • If there are no entries awaiting approval the message will appear in the lower left of the data found warning

Accessibility Tips 

  • After selecting the Details button toggle between forms and browse modes to read the "details" table.
  • Table cells that have an "X" mean that the cell value is checked or true.