support staff october raise letters - HRP995

Business Purpose

The Support Staff October Raise Letters – HRP995 report generates the October annual contractual salary increase letters for Support staff employees.   A summary of the letters printed is also provided.  

Letters are generated for active and inactive support staff in the following Personnel subareas and employee subgroups.

Personnel subareas:
  • AP (Professionals)
  • APSA (Pro Supervisory)
  • NURS (Nurses)
  • FOPK (APSA – Police)
Employee subgroups:
  • A2 (Salary – Regular)
  • A3 (Salary Level 1)
  • A4 (Salary Conf-Level 1)
  • A7 (Salary Level 2)
  • A9 (Salary Level 3)
  • AB (Salary Conf-Level 3)