SUmmary page - HRP962

The Supervisors and Staff report provides a summary of supervisors and their direct reports based on the organization/department selected in the report prompts as of the report run date.  

Two lists are created;
  • The first list shows all supervisors (with job information: title, position number, employment %, union group, level, email) and their direct reports (with job information) in the selected organization/department.   
  • The second list is the same as the first list, but it also includes the supervisor and employee off campus location.
TIP:  Select the Run As button (top left corner) and select Run Excel.  The reports will be in separate tabs within the spreadsheet.
Below is an example of the Supervisors and Staff report and the data columns provided.  Select Data Definitions under Quicklinks for a list of the data column definitions.

HPR962 report

Report columns:

HRP962 Summary columns