Data Definitions (HRP960)

The data columns used in the Performance Excellence Annual Evaluations - Organization Level report are defined on this page.

  1. Organization:  The primary college or MAU in which the employee is assigned.  
  2. Department:  The primary department in which the employee is assigned.
  3. Sub Org:  The primary sub org in which the employee is assigned.  
  4. Personnel Number:  The employee’s personnel number indicated in the HR/Payroll system.
  5. Professional Last Name, First Name, Middle Name:  The employee’s name as indicated in the HR/Payroll system.
  6. Job Title:  The employee’s job title in which the review task is related to.  
  7. Task Type Name:  The type of task that is detailed. Options include Next Annual Review, Probation, or Interim/MidPt Eval.
  8. Task Date:   The date the task was or is due to be completed.
  9. Date Changed Description:  Reason as to why the task date was changed.  
  10. Planning Discussion Completed On:  The date the planning discussion occurred, based on the date the employee indicated on the completed form.  
  11. Status:  Indicates if task is completed or not complete. Options include Task Completed or New Task, which is the same as not complete or outstanding.
  12. Supervisor:  The name of the person who is listed as supervisor to the employee.  
  13. Supervisor Department:  The primary department list for the employee’s supervisor.  
  14. Previous Task Type:  The previous type of task for the employee.  
  15. Previous Task Date:  The date the previous task was due to be completed or was completed.  
  16. Previous Performance Rating:  The previous performance level achieved in the review.  Options include Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Developing, and Does Not Meet Expectations.