SUmmary page - HRP909

The Promotion and Tenure Granted by MAU report provides users with a summary of all promotions and reappointments for tenure system, fixed-term, and non-prefix (no pay) faculty for a particular organization (MAU) or department selected in the report prompts.

The report reflects employees that meet the following criteria within the organization and/or department selected:
  • Personnel Subarea Codes; FAS and FED
  • Employee Subgroup Codes; AR (AY Faculty), AQ (AN Faculty), and B4 (No Pay)
  • Has one or more of the following Action Codes; ZV02, ZW01, ZW02, ZW03, ZW04, ZW05 or ZZ02 (FAS Review – Reappointment & Promotion and Re-Appointment)

Below is an example of the Promotion and Tenure Granted by MAU report and the data columns provided.  The report is sorted by Organization, Department, Personnel Number.  Select Data Definitions under Quicklinks for a list of the data column definitions.

HRP909 report

Report columns:

HRP909 report columns