Report Prompts (HRP1184)

When running the IPF Personnel Transactions report, users will be presented prompts based on their security access to identify parameters and sets of data to be included in the report results. If a person has access to both organizations or Major Administrative Units (MAU) and departments/sub-orgs, they will see a prompt for organizations to select and a cascading prompt with departments and/or sub-orgs within those organizations to select. If a person only has access to departments/sub-orgs, they will see a prompt with just those departments/sub-orgs to select from.
Prompt #1: Select the Date Range of actions to be selected (required)
Select the Date Range of actions for the search.  Data will pull as of the date selected and defaults to today’s date.      A previous date or future date can be selected.  This prompt is required.    

                                              screenshot of select Date Range of actions Prompt

Prompt #2: Select the Action Type and Reason for the search (required)

Select the Action Type and Reason for the search.  This prompt is required.  NOTE:  Action type ZA – Hire is selected by default.

                                            screenshot of select Action Type and Reason Prompt

Prompt #3: Select Organization(s)/Departments to Include (required)

Select to view either Organizations (MAU) codes or Department/Sub-Org codes to be displayed for selection in the next prompt. This prompt is required, the default selection is Organization. Users that have access to both Org level and department level data can choose which level of organization code prompts to view and select from in the next prompt.

                                          screenshot of select Organizations or Departments to Include prompt

Prompt #4aSelect Organizations(s)

Only the IPF Organization code is available to users that have access to the IPF Organization level and/or department level.  This prompt is not required if you chose Organization(s) in the previous prompt. 

                                               screenshot of select Organizations Prompt

Prompt #4b: Select Department(s)/Sub-Org(s)

Only the departments within the IPF organization will be displayed if you chose the IPF Org and clicked Reprompt, you should see the following.  To select multiple departments/sub-orgs within the IPF organization that you want to search by holding down the Control key while making your selections.

                                              screenshot of select Departments Prompt

Select Finish to run the report.