Report Prompts (HRP1139)

 The 274 Report can be accessed by logging onto EBS and select the Business Intelligence and Analytics tab

BI Tile

Select “Team Content” (icon is hovering over Team Content icon in below attachment)

BI Tabs

Select “HR-Payroll Folder”

HR Payroll Folder

Select “Central HR-Payroll Reports”

HR Payroll Reports

Select “OMPA Organizational Management / Personnel Administration”

OMPA Personnel Administration

Select “Employee Relations Union Reports”

Employee Relations Union Reports

Select “Local 274 Active and Inactive Employees – HRP1139”

Local 274 Active and Inactive Employees

The 274 report will display as it is below for you to add dates to search for the 274 employees needed.

Report Prompts

Once dates have been added select “finish” and it will produce a report for the dates added.