Report Prompts (HRP1126)

When running the Recurring Appointment Listing Report, users will be presented with prompts to identify parameters and sets of data to be included in the report results. Two types of searches can be performed:

  1. Summary Search: Returns a summary page of all employees that meet the organizational and enterprise structure selections in the prompts.


  1. Employee-Specific Search: Returns a detail page outlining the full leave of absence history of specific employee(s) selected in the report prompts.


Summary Search

Prompt #1: Select Organizations(s)/Departments to Include*

Select to view either Organizations (MAU) codes or Department/Sub-Org codes to be displayed for selection in the next prompt. The default selection is Organization. Users that have access to both MAU level and department level data can specify the report return MAU, Department or Sub-Org data in the next prompt.

screenshot of select organization or department box

Prompt #2a: Select Organizations(s)

Select which Organization (MAU) codes to display in the report. Options presented in this selection box will depend on the user’s access. To select multiple Organizations, hold down the Control key while you make your selections. If no Organization or Department selection are indcated, the report will display all data for all units the user has access to.

screenshot of select organization box

Prompt #2bSelect Department(s)/Sub-Org(s)

To select specific department(s)/sub-org(s) reporting to the MAU, highlight the Organization (MAU) and click on Reprompt. To select multiple departments/sub-orgs, hold down the Control key while making your selections.

screenshot of select organizations box


You may now click Finish to view your report.


Employee-Specific Search

Prompt #1:  Search and Select Employee Name(s) or Personnel Number(s)

Enter the last name, first name, or Personnel number (PERNR) in the Search field to search for a specific employee. For a more inclusive search, click on the Options link and select the ‘Contains any of these keywords’ radio button. Then, click on the search button.

All matching results will be returned in the Results column. To select the employee, click on the name of the employee in the Results column and click on the insert button to transfer the employee to the Choice field.

screenshot of search by name box