SUmmary page - HRP1116

The Leave Of Absence Report (HRP1116) provides users summary data for a particular college, department, or employee for the criteria selected on the prompt page. The summary page provides the following data columns:

  • Organization Code
  • Organization Name
  • Department Code
  • Department Name
  • Sub-Org Code
  • Sub-Org Name
  • Personnel Subarea Code
  • Employee Subgroup Name
  • Job Title
  • Pay Scale Level
  • Annual Salary
  • Years Of Service
  • Action Start Date
  • Action Type Code
  • Action Type Name
  • Action Reason Name
  • Off Campus Name
  • Estimated Leave Return Date

Dynamic Filters:

Users can take advantage of additional filtering functions to perform analysis while staying within the report. The report provides a drop-down option to filter report results without backing out of the report. You can filter by any type of leave of absence reason that is available within the results.

screenshot of all leave action types and reasons

Please Note:

Employees who are retired, terminated, or withdrawn from the EBS system may not show a subsequent “leave of absence return” action in the report.

Employees who have been off of work longer than the maximum leave of absence allowed by their position will not populate in this report. This action in EBS is processed as "End Of Leave" and employees will be excluded.