Report Prompts (HRP1078)

When running the Endowed Jobs with Incumbents report, users will be presented with prompts to identify parameters and sets of data to be included in the report results.


Prompt #1: Select ‘As of Date’ (required)

Select the employee status and job start ‘As of Date’ for the search. Data will pull as of the date selected and defaults to today’s date.  A previous date or future date can be selected.  This prompt is required.

                                           Image of Date Prompt


Prompt #2Select Organizations(s)

Enter the Organization Name or Organization code (MAU name or code) in the Search field to search for.   This prompt is not required.   If no organization is selected, all organizations will be searched.   

Note:  For a more inclusive search, click on the Options link and select the 'Contains any of these keywords' radio button.  (The Options default is ‘Starts with any of these keywords’).  Then, click on the Search button.

All matching results will be returned in the Results column. To select the organization, click on the organization in the Results column and click on the Insert button to transfer the selection to the Choice field.  To select more than one organization, hold down the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard until you’ve chosen all the organizations you want in the report.

                    image of Organization Prompt


Select Finish to run the report.