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Youth Program Criminal Background Check FAQs

All individuals (i.e., MSU employees, Non-MSU employees, students, etc) who have unsupervised access to minors at a youth program sponsored by the University must have been subject to a criminal background check (including sex offender registry check) through MSU Human Resources within the past twelve months.

Any class, camp, program, or other learning activity sponsored by the University that includes participation by minors. The term "youth program" does not include (1) private, personal events (e.g., birthday parties, weddings) that occur on campus, or (2) events open to the general public (e.g., intercollegiate events, concerts, Wharton Center events).

If a program is sponsored by multiple MSU units, only include the main sponsoring unit.

The form will be available from your youth program coordinator. You may also find an electronic form  here . 
The youth program coordinator should complete Section 1 of the form and the youth program volunteer or worker should complete Section 2.
The youth program coordinator should collect and submit completed and signed authorization forms to MSU HR in any of the following ways:

Fax: 517-432-3862
Mail: MSU Human Resources
Attn: Youth Program CBC
1407 S. Harrison Road, Suite 110
East Lansing, MI 48823
Drop- Off: MSU HR, 1407 S. Harrison Rd., Suite 110
Attn: Youth Program CBC
The Youth Program CBC Authorization Form should be submitted by batch to MSU HR a minimum of ten (10) business days before the start of the youth program. Program coordinators are encouraged to submit more authorization forms than needed just in case some individuals are ineligible to volunteer or work for the youth program. Doing this will ensure adequate coverage. 
MSU HR will complete the criminal background checks and provide results within five (5) business days of receiving request. 
The following tools are used to conduct criminal background checks for youth program volunteers or workers:
Michigan Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT).
Michigan Department of Corrections' Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS).
National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW).
A new criminal background check is required every twelve months.

**Youth Program Coordinators: If someone states that they have had a CBC done in the last twelve months, you are required to call MSU HR to verify or have them fill out another form. MSU HR will determine if another criminal background check is necessary.
No. Individuals only need to complete one (1) authorization form every twelve months. If you are volunteering for or working with multiple youth programs, you are only required to include the main program on the authorization form. 
MSU HR will notify such individuals and provide them the opportunity to explain/clarify the results before a final decision regarding eligibility is made. If individuals are deemed ineligible, a formal decision letter will be sent to the address provided on the authorization form. Youth program coordinators will also be notified via email of the final decision regarding eligibility. 
Yes. Criminal background checks through MSU HR are required for such students if volunteering is done in connection with a university sponsored program. 
Yes. Criminal background checks are required for all MSU employees who will have unsupervised access to minors at a University sponsored youth program. If the employee had a criminal background check performed within the last twelve months, a new check will not be necessary. 
Foreign nationals who come to the University directly from residence outside of the US are not required to undergo a criminal background check as they have obtained necessary background clearances through the Department of Homeland Security. However, if they have been living in the US for at least six months, a criminal background check is required.