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Support Staff Reclassification Process


  • A department wishing to reclassify a position will need to submit a completed Staffing Request Form through EBS, which will be routed to MSU Human Resources.
  • The request is to contain: a concise description of job responsibilities, including a breakdown in percentage of such responsibilities; minimum requirements to perform the responsibilities of the position, to include education and experience consistent with the classification description; and a summary of the job responsibilities. A letter of justification from the supervisor/department/Unit HR representative is highly recommended.
    • The department may request a classification that they feel is appropriate based on the new duties/responsibilities of the position.
    • The department may also submit a staffing request form without a requested classification.
  • MSU Human Resources will review all requests for appropriate classification and salary/wage. This will include:
    • Reviewing the request considering: duties/responsibilities and skill/knowledge requirements for entry into the classification.
    • Analyzing the request by reviewing pertinent material/data and/or through discussions with the department/MAU representatives and/or employee.
    • Making comparisons with same or similar classifications in the University classification system or with other employers as necessary.
    • Determining whether position responsibilities:
      • fit the current classification,
      • require creation of a new classification,
      • require revision to an existing classification, or
      • result in no change or reclassification.
  • MSU Human Resources Employee Relations will be notified when a position changes bargaining groups in order to communicate the change to the appropriate Union.
  • MSU Human Resources will notify the Staffing Coordinator and/or the employee’s supervisor of the final determination.
  • Analysis of the position may result in a final determination of:
    • higher or lower grade level
    • no change in grade level or classification
    • new or revised classification, or
    • change in employee group
  • The hiring department should be prepared to implement MSU Human Resources determination.
  • Maximum amount of retroactivity of the effective date is 30 days from receipt in MSU Human Resources.
  • Reclassifications that require a bargaining group change (i.e. APA to APSA) cannot be effective retroactively.
  • Additional tools available to Staffing Coordinators: