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Filling Regular Support Staff Positions


  • The recruitment of applicants and the filling of vacant positions is the responsibility of MSU Human Resources Talent Management.
  • Michigan State University is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and cultural diversity. The University, in its employment and personnel policies and practices, will not discriminate against any individual because of religion, race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, or disability except for bona fide occupational qualifications.
  • The University is committed to the concept of promotion from within the institution.
  • The University endorses the principle of career development of its employees and will, in good faith, encourage career concepts of employment.
  • All forms of recruitment, including personal contacts and media advertising, should be communicated to MSU Human Resources Talent Management.
  • Individuals and departments may not administer any form of employee or applicant tests without prior approval by MSU Human Resources Talent Management.
  • Offers of regular employment, including salary commitments, may be made only with the approval of MSU Human Resources Talent Management.
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements specify variations in procedures for filling vacancies which may supersede the following and should be reviewed prior to filling a vacancy.


  • A department wishing to fill a position will need to submit a completed position request form through EBS, which will be routed to MSU Human Resources.
  • The request is to contain: a concise description of job responsibilities, including a breakdown in percentage of such responsibilities; minimum requirements to perform the responsibilities of the position, to include education and experience consistent with the classification description; and a summary of the job responsibilities for posting purposes. Desired qualifications for the position are optional.
  • MSU Human Resources will review all requests for appropriate classification and approve such requests as deemed appropriate. A Human Resources Analyst may contact the hiring department with questions regarding the request or to recommend a more appropriate classification.
  • Requests must be received and approved by Human Resources no later than Noon on the Friday prior to the next scheduled posting on the MSU job postings website. Jobs are posted every Wednesday at 1 p.m. for a minimum of five business days. In the event of a university holiday, jobs may be posted on a day other than Wednesday for that specific week as deemed necessary by MSU Human Resources Talent Management. Hiring departments will be notified via email when the traditional posting period will be altered.
  • Positions in the 1585, and SSTU Unions must be posted for internal applicants only during the initial posting period (five business days) per contractual requirements. This requirement may be waived due to special circumstances and only at the approval of MSU Human Resources Talent Management. All other positions are eligible to be posted to external applicants during the initial posting period.
  • Upon the expiration of the initial posting period, MSU Human Resources Talent Management (assigned HR Analyst) will perform the following:
    • Screening the credentials of applicants for the minimum requirements of the position.
    • Preparing the interview/applicant list, including names and credentials of interested employees and releasing it to the hiring department via the applicant tracking system. The analyst will specify interview requirements to the hiring department.
  • In the event the posting remains open past the initial posting period, the analyst will update the applicant list once the posting has closed, at which point the final list will be made available to the hiring department.
  • Once the interview/applicant list has been made available, authorized users within the hiring department will be able to review the applicants and their credentials. Hiring departments will be expected to schedule any required interviews, following contractual guidelines. If applicable, hiring departments will evaluate and select additional applicants for interviews based on their own established criteria. It is the responsibility of the hiring department to verify that employees possess required licenses, registrations, and certifications.
  • The hiring department will conduct interviews in accordance with University policy.
  • The hiring department will complete the hiring recommendation following the proper procedures.
  • MSU Human Resources Talent Management and (potentially) the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (OIII) will review the Hiring Recommendation for approval.
  • The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives may request additional information from an employing unit with regard to its selection process.
  • Final selection of the candidate, including salary and starting date, requires approval of MSU Human Resources Talent Management. A criminal background check will be run on all employees.
  • No promises of future raises, except those contractually agreed to, should be given to a prospective employee.
  • After receiving approval to hire from MSU Human Resources Talent Management, the hiring department notifies the selected candidate. When the selected candidate accepts the offer of employment, the department informs him/her of:
    • required acceptance via the online offer in the applicant tracking system
    • offer is contingent upon successful completion of the criminal background check
    • who will contact them new employee orientation 
    • onboarding portal via the applicant tracking system
    • the starting date and
    • the approved starting wage.
  • If the selected candidate is a current employee, he/she may be required to satisfactorily complete another health assessment prior to changing jobs (see Policy and Procedure for health assessment).
  • New University employees are oriented and their appropriate paperwork is processed by MSU Human Resources prior to beginning work.
  • Additional tools available to Staffing Coordinators: