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additional factors for supervisors

Coaches/Counsels/Evaluates Staff

Indicator Statements

  • Employs a leadership style based on assessing the needs of individuals;
  • Addresses individual needs through coaching and teaching to improve learning and enhance performance;
  • Provides productive feedback to employees, co-workers and upper management in a timely, direct and supportive manner;
  • Coaches others on how to anticipate, define and solve problems;
  • Openly shares information and resources;
  • Evaluates performance regularly, accurately and fairly;
  • Monitors staff work and follows-up appropriately;
  • Deals with performance problems directly, fairly, and in a timely manner, providing current, complete and practical positive or corrective feedback.

Enables and Empowers Staff

Indicator Statements

  • Provides information and resources so staff can function independently;
  • Enables staff to take appropriate risks;
  • Encourages and promotes decision making and accountability at all levels;
  • Organizes and structures work for others in a manner that encourages ownership and accountability.

Encourages Teamwork and Group Achievement

Indicator Statements

  • Creates a high performance work environment where others pull together to complete tasks;
  • Encourages team members to discover the best ways to perform their jobs effectively;
  • Actively promotes functional as well as cross-functional teams;
  • Empowers teams to achieve goals by providing resources, training, responsibility and authority;
  • Holds teams accountable for performance;
  • Shares successes with team members;
  • Monitors and evaluates team success and difficulty, and provides productive feedback.

Identifies Areas for and Supports Employee Development Opportunities

Indicator Statements

  • Provides information, tools, resources, and opportunities to help others improve their abilities;
  • Helps employees identify areas for development;
  • Supports appropriate employee development opportunities;
  • Gives people challenging assignments to develop their capabilities;
  • Promotes systems and processes that encourage and reward the development of people at all levels of the organization.

Leads Change/Achieves Support of Objectives

Indicator Statements

  • Helps employees quickly and effectively understand and adjust to new roles, challenges and changes in the University environment and in their jobs;
  • Stays up-to-date on key trends, and opportunities;
  • Initiates change instead of reacting to external pressures for change;
  • Makes sure technical/functional decisions are based on department priorities;
  • Uses available resources (people, funds, time, material, support) and coordinates/manages these components, including those outside the organization.

Strives to Achieve Diverse Staff at all Levels

Indicator Statements

  • Creates an environment where differences are valued, encouraged and supported;
  • Actively supports individuals for key positions regardless of differences.

Understands Diversity Issues and Creates Supportive Environment for Diverse Employees

Indicator Statements
  • Actively supports the development of others regardless of differences;
  • Respects the talent and unique contributions of every individual, culture and ethnic group to increase effectiveness of the unit;
  • Influences the culture in ways that value and support diversity.