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Travel Ban Update

On January 30, 2017, MSU Human Resources, along with a number of other offices, sent a notice to Deans, Directors and Chairs regarding the January 27 Executive Order (EO) issued by the White House. The EO suspended entry into the U.S. of certain individuals from seven countries (Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Iraq) for 90 days. The EO had the potential to impact MSU faculty and staff and their travel plans, including work-related travel. 

However, several developments have occurred since that time:

  • On February 3, a court issued an order suspending the EO. In accordance with the judge's ruling, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suspended all actions implementing the affected sections of the EO.
  • On March 6, another EO was issued. This travel ban is less restrictive than the one issued in January, but nevertheless may have an impact on MSU faculty and staff. This EO dropped Iraq from the list of countries, meaning that the EO now impacted only six countries.
  • On March 16, a Hawaii federal judge temporarily blocked the March 6 EO. On March 17 a federal judge in Maryland issued a similar ruling that also temporarily blocked the ban on entry for people from the six countries (the Maryland ruling was narrower in scope than the Hawaii ruling).
  • On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court partially reinstated President Trump’s March 6 EO.  Specifically, the Court held that the travel ban may be enforced, but created an exception for nationals of the designated countries who have a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”  However, due to the subjectivity of the term “bona fide relationship,” employees from the six impacted countries are advised against traveling outside of the U.S. for the duration of the ban unless absolutely necessary and to consult with OISS before traveling.
  • On September 24, the Trump Administration issued a proclamation referred to as Travel Ban 3.0: (Proclamation 9645).

  • On December 4, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an order stating that the U.S. government can fully enforce Travel Ban 3.0 on eight listed countries.  Consequently, OISS recommends that individuals from the eight countries listed in the travel ban do not travel outside the U.S. unless absolutely necessary.

For more information on the specifics of this order and all current related information, please see the the  Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) Executive Orders page.  MSU is monitoring the situation and will update this page with information and resources on how this affects MSU faculty, staff, students and scholars.

If you have further questions,  contact OISS.