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Training Opportunities for Temp & On-Call New Hiring Process

MSU Human Resources has scheduled online training opportunities for the new Temporary and On-Call (TOC) Hiring Process. As of November 4, units will need to use the new process to recruit and hire temporary and on-call employees. Resources for understanding the new process will be available online at launch, but we strongly recommend all individuals who will be involved in processing TOC postings and hires in the future attend this online training.

Training Sessions

There will be two general training sessions on the new TOC hiring process.

Please note:  Registration is not required. All sessions will be recorded and the links available following the sessions.

There will also be additional Question & Answer sessions throughout November. We will provide more details about those sessions later in the fall.

Role Reminders

As a reminder, individuals who will be performing posting and hiring actions for TOC employees will need to hold the HR Unit TOC Form Initiator role in EBS and have staffing coordinator permissions in the PageUp applicant tracking system. The pre-existing HR Unit Administrator for TOC role that TOC hire processors in your unit may hold now in EBS will not give individuals all the accesses they will need to continue hiring TOC employees in the future, so please ensure that eARM forms have been submitted for the HR Unit TOC Form Initiator role for any individuals in your unit who will be processing TOC postings and hires. (For more information on this role,  see the July communication on acquiring roles.)

If you have someone in your unit or department you believe would benefit from this training, but who may not currently be in a role for the process, please forward this invitation on to them.


If you have questions about training, roles or the TOC project in general, please contact project manager Cheleane Clerkley at  or 517-884-0131 or the TOC team at