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HireRight Update: New Required Field 

Beginning April 23, if you are processing a criminal background check (CBC) request using HireRight, you will notice an additional required field. CBC requests will now require a Job Location to be entered for each candidate. Collecting a physical Job Location will enable HireRight to apply the appropriate guidelines and rules pertinent to its fulfillment of a background request. 

Once effective, HireRight will require that the candidate’s Job Location be included with each background request.

  • For U.S. candidates: Country, City, State, and ZIP Code will be required
  • For UK candidates: Country and Region will be required
  • For candidates in all other countries: Country will be required

Requestors may choose from default job locations in HireRight, but if the employee will be working in a location not on the list, the requestor must add a new location. If the requestor chooses to send an invitation link to the candidate, he/she must enter the job location prior to sending the link. 

For specific step-by-step instructions, log in to your HireRight account. From there, you will click on the Help & Training link located on the left-hand side of the screen, and click the Training & Documentation link. Various training modules will appear, including the training module titled “GUIDE Job Location.”

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the HR Solutions Center by calling 517-353-4434 or emailing