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Confirmation Letter Sample for Employment

Department Letterhead



Ms. Mui U. Farmer
1997 Weir, #1
Watchout, MI 41855
Dear Mui:

Welcome to the Department of ________________! This letter is to confirm our phone conversation during which you accepted our offer of the Building Maintenance Manager position at Michigan State University.

Your starting salary will be $50,000.00, annually. You will receive evaluation reviews after six and twelve months of service. As defined by union contract, you will be on probation for twelve months.

Fringe benefit information is described in the enclosed Summary of Full-time Employee Programs handout. The details of these programs are discussed during employment processing.

We are currently planning your first day to be ______. You will be contacted by the Human Resources Solutions Center to schedule your new hire orientation. 

Do not hesitate to call me with any questions about your employment here. In the meantime, we look forward to you joining the staff and the positive contributions we believe you will make at Michigan State University.

Please see the attached memo announcing your appointment.


Frieda Hire
Department of