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Tenure system early start 


When hiring a tenure or continuing system individual prior to the planned academic year (AY) (8/16 start date), the individual can be hired on an annual year (AN) basis. You do not need an additional position or exception request. This includes:

  • Tenure system faculty
  • Continuing system librarians
  • Continuing system specialist


Follow the steps below to properly submit the hire:

  • Change the appointment basis from AY to AN before submitting the hire form into workflow.
  • Ensure the offer letter includes details regarding the salary, appointment dates, and appointment basis for the early AN appointment and for the AY appointment. If the offer letter was already created, complete an Addendum to the Offer Letter to include the AY details (appointment dates, appointment basis, salary).
  • After the hire form has been approved in the EBS Portal, submit a Change of Status form to switch the appointment basis to AY.


  1. A new position number is not needed. The same position number that you use for the 8/16 AY hire can be used for the early AN appointment.
  2. An appointment preceding the AY appointment may be referred to as summer forward funding.
  3. Below is sample offer letter language for the early appointment

    Month DD, YYYY


    Your tenure (system) appointment will begin on Month DD, YYYY. You will be appointed Month DD, YYYY to Month DD, YYYY at 00 percent time on an annual year basis. Your academic year salary of $00,000 will be converted to an annual year salary of $00,000 during this appointment period.

    Effective August 16, YYYY, your appointment will be converted back to an academic year appointment with your academic year salary of $00,000. 

Most Common Errors to Avoid

  • The offer letter does not include the start date of the early appointment.
  • The offer letter refers to the early appointment tenure or continuing system appointment as fixed-term. 
  • The offer Letter does not designate the salary for the AN appointment and the AY appointment.
  • A tenure system early start appointment should not be processed to pay for moving expenses.