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Offer Letter Attachments

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The offer letter attachments contain pertinent information for paid, newly hired faculty and academic staff. Since this information is important to all newly hired faculty and academic staff, we require the offer letter attachments for all newly hired faculty and academic staff[DD2]  be completed and included with the hiring offer/fixed-term memo and the hiring form. This includes:

  • Fixed-term faculty and academic staff
  • Continuing system appointments
  • Librarians/Archivists
  • HP faculty
  • FRIB/NSCL faculty
  • Tenure system
  • Executive management
  • Faculty on-calls

The term “newly hired” includes rehires with a six month or more break in service and transfers from another employee group to one or any of above mentioned groups (e.g., support staff to faculty, temp/on-call to faculty, grad to faculty, student to faculty, no-pay to paid positions).

This means any hire, rehire with a six month or more break in service, or transfer issued on Nov. 12, 2015 or later, will require the most updated offer letter attachments.

Reappointment actions will not require completion or inclusion of new offer letter attachments.


Follow the steps below to properly complete the offer letter attachments.

  1. Navigate to the template: Faculty and Academic Staff Offer Letter Attachments - PDF | Word
  2. Enter necessary information (highlighted in red) into template.
  3. Obtain signatures, dates, and responses on all pages from new hire.
  4. Attach Offer Letter Attachments to the appointment form.
  5. Send a copy of the completed Attachment E to the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) at if the individual is participating in research in any of the outlined categories. If not, do not forward this form to ORA.


  1. Ensure you are using the most current version by navigating to the site noted above. The current version was revised 2/2018.
  2. Ensure the new hire signs and dates attachments A-D and completes all fields on Attachment E.

Most Commons Errors to Avoid

  1. Use of outdated attachments.
  2. Signatures missing from pages.
  3. Some or all of the pages are missing.

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