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Fixed-Term/Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment Form


The Fixed-Term/Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum Form (FTM) contains pertinent information for paid faculty and academic staff. Since this information is important to all faculty and academic staff, we require the FTM for all newly hired, rehired or reappointed faculty and academic staff be completed and included with form.

Exceptions: the memorandum is not necessary when processing a salary increase on a pay and cost redistribution request, nor when appointing/reappointing a person on contract whose contract is attached. Faculty members appointed in the Health Programs Faculty Appointment System should use the HP Faculty Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum. This includes:

  • Fixed-term faculty and academic staff
  • Librarians
  • Health programs faculty (HP faculty)
  • FRIB/NSCL faculty
  • Executive management


Follow the steps below to properly complete the FTM:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate template 
    1. Fixed-Term Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum (PDF); or
    2. Health Programs Faculty Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum (PDF)
  2. Enter necessary information into the template.
  3. Obtain signatures and dates from employee and unit administrator.
  4. Attach the FTM to the appointment form.

You can also complete the FTM within the EBS Portal and the information you enter will populate a completed form that you can print to obtain signatures.


  1. Ensure you are using the most current version by navigating to the site noted above. The current version was revised 12/2018.
  2. Ensure you have all necessary signatures and appropriate dates.

Most Commons Errors to Avoid

The FTM is either not complete or the data on the FTM is inconsistent with the data on the Appointment/Reappointment form. When the data is inconsistent, MSU HR can't be sure which information is correct. For example:

  • The appointment dates and percent of employment on the FTM don’t match what is on the appointment/reappointment form.
  • The ranks and titles included on the FTM don’t match what is on the appointment/reappointment form.
  • The appointment basis (AN/AY) is omitted/incorrect on the FTM.
  • The FTM isn’t signed by the employee or the unit administrator.
  • The FTM doesn’t list all the departments listed on the appointment/reappointment form.
  • The “assigned duties” on the FTM is missing or doesn't provide descriptive information (e.g., states “performing research for Dr. XXX”). Provide brief but descriptive information on the duties being performed, e.g., “data mining on topic X for Dr. XXX.” 
  • The FTM is missing the last page with the UNTF exclusion reason.
  • The UNTF exclusion reason on the FTM doesn't match the EBS exclusion reason.