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Information about the Outside Work for Pay 

The "Outside Work for Pay" form must be completed prior to a faculty member's acceptance of outside work. 

See the  "Outside Work for Pay" policy in the Faculty Handbook for guidelines.

Informatation on how to process the additional pay form in EBS.

Name: Professional Name, type last name first with a comma after and then the rest of the name. (e.g., Smith, Sally)

Date: Typing date.

Department/College: The primary department/college has administrative responsibility for employee. If there is more than one department, list each department/college with the primary unit first. Type out the full department name or the 18 character common code abbreviation. For the department code, use the three-digit department common unit code; for the college code use the two-digit college common unit code.

OUTSIDE WORK FOR PAY: Complete this section if requesting outside work for pay. Select the category of work that will be performed and provide description of work being performed

UNIVERSITY INVOLVEMENT: If any one or more of the boxes are checked in item #5, please provide a explaination of involvement in those particular areas.

Signatures: Signatures must be the chairperson/director's and dean/MAU administrator's name with any other initials below. In the case of a multiple appointment the signatures for each unit involved are required. Each signer must date her/his signature.

Routing: Ranked faculty member; all chairpersons and deans involved.