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Information about the Overload Pay Pre-Authorization Form

The Overload Pay Pre-Authorization form is required prior to acceptance of an assignment involving overload. The form is initiated by the faculty/academic staff member.

See the sections on "Overload Pay" in the Faculty Handbook for guidelines. This form should be submitted with every instance where overload pay is being performed.

Name: Professional Name, type last name first with a comma after and then the rest of the name. (e.g., Smith, Sally).

Date: Typing date.

Department/College: The primary department/college has administrative responsibility for employee. If there is more than one department, list each department/college with the primary unit first. Type out the full department name or the 18 character common code abbreviation. For the department code, use the three-digit department common unit code; for the college code use the two-digit college common unit code.

OVERLOAD: Complete this section if requesting overload pay, Overload is processed on the Additional Payments Form.

Signatures: Signatures must be the chairperson/director's and dean/MAU administrator's name with any other initials below. In the case of a multiple appointment the signatures for each unit involved are required. Each signer must date her/his signature.

Routing: Ranked faculty member; all chairpersons and deans involved.

Chairperson/Director and Dean/Separately Reporting Director/Fiscal Officer: Maintain a copy of completed form to route with payment of Overload Pay.