Affirmative Action

11. Affirmative Action Resources - Affirmative Action Handbook

The following organizations, committees and offices undertake a variety of activities which promote the goals and the spirit of affirmative action. They constitute a valuable resource on campus. Representatives from these groups may provide assistance in your efforts to enlarge the pool of candidates, to help you answer questions raised by candidates and to assist in your recruitment efforts by meeting with candidates or writing to them describing their activities.

11.1 Office of the Provost 
11.2 Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives 
11.3 Faculty Grievance Office 
11.4 The Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost 
11.5 Minority Advisory Council 
11.6 President's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues 
11.7 Affirmative Action Publications 
11.8 Affirmative Action Organizations

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