Affirmative Action

11.3 Faculty Grievance and Dispute Resolution Office - Affirmative Action Handbook

The Faculty Grievance Official (FGO) (W38 Owen Hall, 353-8884) is a senior faculty member experienced in both the dynamics of human behavior and academic governance. The FGO as a neutral party receives and attempts to resolve disputes and misunderstandings between faculty and administrators. As an advisor, facilitator and possible intermediary between grievant and respondent, the FGO provides counsel regarding the substance and merit of a grievance. The FGO and staff, with strict confidentiality, advise in regard to appropriate procedures and channels, and provide access to records and administrators while guarding privacy of records and persons.

The office maintains a private and comfortable environment which is open year round. Staff are helpful by listening to concerns, identifying appropriate resources and proposing options, to the extent one wishes, toward informal dispute resolution.

Under the Faculty Grievance Policy, the FGO must process all complaints. Should a complaint not be resolved informally, the FGO randomly selects a panel of faculty peers, readying a process for formal proceedings, findings and decisions. The Faculty Grievance Official works in harmony with other administrative grievance structures within the University, i.e., the Ombudsperson.

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