Affirmative Action

11.4 The Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost - Affirmative Action Handbook

The Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost, a Board-established committee, advises the Provost on important issues of special interest to women within the University community. In its advisory capacity, the committee assists in identifying and in suggesting solutions to important issues relative to the roles and participation of women in the academic areas of the University. The committee may consult with the Provost or members of the Provost's staff to clarify and to discuss strategies for enhancing the experiences of and conditions for women in the academic workplace.

The composition of the committee is comprehensive in that it is representative of the diversity of the women within the University's academic programs. It includes minorities, faculty at all ranks, both tenured and non-tenured, and members of the academic staff, such as librarians and academic specialists.

The committee focuses on such issues as equity in and access to faculty positions, tenure, promotion and salaries; sexual discrimination and harassment; safety for women on campus, and gender equity in the curriculum. Annually, the progress of the University's affirmative action program is evaluated by the committee. And, the committee actively participates in the development of programs, workshops and forums that assist women faculty and academic staff in maximizing their achievements.

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