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Training Launchpad

Not all transactions have help documentation available in EBS Help. Those that do are linked below.


Instructor Inbox

Participant List

Course Sign-In Sheet

Course Details

See also the more detailed "Training Launchpad: Guide for instructors on how to use the system."

Course Managers

Course Manager - Course Follow-Up

1. Click the appropriate "timeframe" in the course Follow-Up section.

2. Click box left of "Course Name".

3. Click "Follow-Up".

4. Click "All Present" from Attendance or Participants.

5. Click "Next".

6. Click "All Passed" from Evaluate Participants.

7. Click "Next".

8. Click "Transfer Qualifications".

9. Click "Review."

10. Click "Save".

11. Check "Flag Course as Followed-up when saving data".

12. Click "Save".

Course Manager - Manage Participants

1. Enter the "name, personnel number or organizational unit" in the “find” search field. 

2. Click Go.
3. Click the "right black arrow" to move participants from the “available” section to the “selected” section.
4. Click "Next".
5. Click gray box left of "employee name or organizational unit".
6. Click “Book New Course for All”.
7. Search for the desired course by using the "course catalog or a keyword search".
8. Click box left of "course title" to select the desired course.
9. Click “Next”.
10. Select "Educational Assistance or Department Account Number" payment method.

11. Enter "Account fund", as it is required.
12. Click "Book”.