Add positions to posting

Temporary and On-Call

Up to 100 positions are allowed per posting with a maximum of 25 positions requested per form.  The attributes associated with the original posting will remain the same for all added positions. Example: If posting already has 10 positions the form will allow you to add 25 more positions. You may submit multiple requests to add positions until the total number of positions on the posting is 100.

Note: This process is not allowable for Support Staff or Executive Management postings.

Instructions to add Additional Position(s) to a Posting

  1. Select the Post Temporary or On-Call Position tile.
  2. In the Hiring Process field select Add Positions to Posting. 
  3. Enter the "Posting Number. Select Continue.
  4. Review Posting attributes. Select Number of Positions and select Add.  A maximum of 25 positions are allowed per request with a maximum of 100 positions total per posting.
  5. Review Position attributes.  Select Send to submit the form.  The form will flow through normal approval processes.